The YMCA was established to help build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.  We want to help you achieve this goal by joining with our wellness family today.  We offer everything from health and well-being education classes to individual health coaching and nutrition consultations.  No matter what you are looking for we have it in our wellness department.  Click on any of the links to the left for information for you and the whole family!



Once you have joined the YMCA it is time for you take the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Our one-on-one consultation is a great way for you to learn all the programs and services the Y has to offer that can support you as you plan your path to better health.  Contact our Wellness Director, Cathy Mason, for more details on this FREE member service.



Supporting Wellness Together

You are responsible for your health. You’ve set your goals. You know what to do. So why is it so hard to actually do it? In this 12-week member wellness support group, the focus is YOU! Surround yourself with positive encouragement and support, build better habits, become empowered and self-motivated. Rather than turning to short term solutions, break through your barriers and achieve your goals.

Free to our Y members!

Mondays: 10am – 11am

Session: September 24 – December 10

Registration opens September 1o

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This 12-WEEK program is designed for cardiovascular disease and stroke survivors, as well as for individuals who are at high risk. In partnership with Palmetto Health Tuomey, the American Heart Association, and Palmetto Health USC Medical Group, the Sumter YMCA is offering an education and physical activity based program to promote healthier hearts.  This program strives to help improve each participant’s health while giving them the tools to be successful.

Classes are offered three times each year. The program meets twice a week for 90 minutes.

Pick up your application at anytime from the member services desk.

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Partners in healing the whole person.

Helping cancer survivors begin the journey toward recovery.

LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA is a free, 12-Week program to help ease you back into fitness and maintain confidence. As a cancer survivor, you know the tremendous toll the disease and its treatment can take on your spirit, mind and body. You want to begin to heal and reclaim your health. But where do you start? LIVESTRONG at the YMCA can help.


No one experiences cancer in the same way. Participants come to the program with different physical challenges and lifestyle goals. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA provides you with individualized attention and an approach to recovery that targets the areas you need to rebuild. There is no competition here-physical activities are tailored to match only what you’re able to accomplish.


LIVESTRONG at the YMCA staff have been specially trained to work with cancer survivors and patients. They’re exercise experts who understand your unique physical needs and concerns and help you address them safely. They’re also relationship builders with the empathy and the ability to connect with and develop relationships with and among cancer survivors and their families.


LIVESTRONG at the YMCA focuses on you the whole person not the disease. The free, 12-week program meets twice a week using traditional exercise methods to ease you back into fitness and help you maintain your confidence. You’ll focus on:

  • Building muscle mass and strength
  • Increasing flexibility and endurance
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem

Class Information:

We offer sessions beginning in January and August.  Applications are available below and at the member services desk. If you would like to attend a future class please turn your application in to Cam Bankhead at the YMCA member services desk.



Commit to Be YFIT

Take control of your life and make it a healthy one!

This is a 6-week class that focuses on educational topics and exercise modalities for disease management and prevention.


Class Session: October 9 – November 13

Tuesdays, 6-7 pm

Registration: Opens September 25

Location: YMCA Conference Room

Cost: $50 Members, $75 Potential Members

FREE with a written medical physician referral.

*Bring referral to the Member Service Desk and register for the class during the registration period.

Class is limited to 15 participants

**Potential members will need to join the Y in order to use the facility for workouts. Those who were referred by a physician (written referral must be on file) will receive a FREE membership for the length of the program.

***Physician referral waives the program fee.


In this 6-week program you will learn how to eat and properly fuel your body to reduce your body fat as well as the exercises in order to improve your quality of life, body composition and to reach your health and fitness goals.

YFIT Camp 

Class Session: October 8 – November 12

Mondays, 6-7 pm

Registration: Opens September 24

*50% discount with a written medical physician referral.

*Bring referral to the Member Service Desk and register for the class during the registration period.

**Potential members will receive a temporary pass for the duration of the class in order to use the facility for workouts.
***Physician referral reduces the program fee.

This program includes:

*Bi-weekly Weigh-ins

*Body Fat Analysis

*Lecture/Discussion Topics

*Nutrition Plans

*Exercise Programs

Class limit: 20 participants


After completing YFIT Camp you can meet one-on-one with our Wellness Director each month to discuss strategies for success and reinforce what has been learned in YFIT Camp. Club YFIT includes weigh-ins and body fat analysis.

Cost: $10/month/Members

$15/month/Potential Members

Active Older Adults

The Sumter Family YMCA offers many classes to keep you fit, healthy and young at heart. Whether you enjoy yoga, want to improve your balance and agility, or try a class in the water, you are sure to find lots of fun and variety. We also have several social activities for Active Older Adults each month. Some include a field trip and others are a bit of fun right here at the Y. Check them out!

Monthly Friday Activities

Monthly Movies Schedule

Active Older Adults Schedule

Nutrition Consultation

This one-hour individual consultation with the Healthy Living Director is designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Weight and body composition will be assessed. You will also receive a customized eating plan based on your specific needs and goals.

$45/ Member    $67.50/ Potential Member

Advanced registration is required.