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Summer Splash Pad Summer Hours

Monday – Thursday: sunrise to 6:00pm

Friday – Saturday: sunrise to 30 minutes before closing

Sunday: open to 30 minutes before closing

Special Needs Swim Lessons

Our swimming lessons for children for special needs is a great way to serve children with any special need. We know that not every child learns the same way, so we’re patient and understanding with ALL of our swimmers. Swimming is an ideal activity for kids, especially those with special needs, because it can also showcase hidden abilities and talents. We focus on positivity and celebrate accomplishments big and small!

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Swim Testing

The YMCA reserves the right to swim test all children under the age of 16 in order to prevent drownings and accidents. We strictly enforce this policy to ensure the safety of the children who use our pools.

Swim Lessons

Ages: 6 months – Adult

The YMCA offers an extensive learn-to-swim program for all ages. Whether you are a non-swimmer or looking for advanced techniques, the YMCA has a program for you.

Learn about all of your swim lesson options with our Aquatics Program Brochure or the links below.

Current Swim Lessons Schedule

Small Group Swim Lessons

Private Swim Lessons

Special Needs Swim Lessons


Ages: 6 months to 3 years old


  • Water orientation – being comfortable in the water
  • Breathing- becoming comfortable with mild water submersion
  • Body movement – introduction to water propulsion


  • Guardian must accompany child in the water.
  • Children must wear a bathing suit AND a swim diaper


Ages: 3-5 years old


Progression through the 4 levels – Pike Eel, Ray, Starfish

  • Water orientation – being comfortable in the water
  • Breathing- learning water submersion
  • Body movement – learning water population, stroke introduction, gliding
  • Water entry- jumping and beginner diving


  • Guardian NO longer accompanies child in the water
  • Appropriate Swim Attire
  • 1:4 Instructor/Participant Ratio


Ages: 6-12 years old


Progression through the 6 levels – Polliwog, Guppy, Minnow, Fish, Fly-fish and Shark

  • Water safety– introduction to rules
  • Breathing- learning water submersion and rotational breathing
  • Body movement – introduction to each of the 4 major strokes and survival strokes
  • Water entry-race diving techniques with appropriate underwater progression


  • Classes taken in succession are most effective.
  • 1:6 Instructor/Participant Ratio


Ages: 13 and older


  • Through group drills and individual attention, we instruct new and apprehensive swimmers.
  • Breathing- learning water submersion and rotational breathing
  • Body movement – introduction to each of the 4 major strokes and survival strokes
  • Water entry- diving techniques with appropriate under water progression


  • Great class for those who are afraid of the water or never had an opportunity to learn how to swim.
  • Classes taken in succession are most effective.
  • 1:6 Instructor/Participant Ratio

Sumter Swordfish Swim Team

The Sumter YMCA Swordfish gives everyone a great opportunity to achieve his or her potential! Our mission is to provide a safe environment where children can learn, improve, and enjoy the sport of swimming.

On our year-round swim team, every member has a place and every swimmer is important to our success! We offer multiple competitive and developmental groups for swimmers ages 5-21. Swimmers gain experience through YMCA and USA Swimming competitions. Many members enjoy our family and team-first atmosphere, which is easy to see at meets, social events and team practices.

Swim Team Registration Form

2018 Swim Team Information

2018 Fall/Winter Swim Meet Schedule

Coaching Staff Bios

Ages: 5 -21


$25 YMCA annual registration fee

Swim team quarterly fees are based on skill level and membership.

Thinking about signing up?

Please e-mail Head Coach Igor Iovanovich to join.

803-773-1404, Ext. 29

Swordfish Swim Team Records





15 and older


Lap Swim and Fitness Swim

Whether you want to swim laps on your own or do your own fitness workout in the pool, we have special times set aside for these activities. Please check our current schedules HERE for the Warm Water Deck Pool and the Austin Francis Cool Water Pool.

Lap Swim

Lap Swimming Tips: Please enter the pool from the shallow end. To avoid accidents, when entering an occupied lane, please get the first swimmer’s acknowledgment that you are there.

Directions for Adult Lap: If there are 1 or 2 swimmers in a lane, they may elect to split the lane in half. The entrance of a third person immediately changes the lane to “circle” swimming format.

Speed: Please choose a lane with swimmers that most nearly match your speed.


Water Aerobics

We offer many different varieties of water aerobics. If you want to have a water workout experience while getting to know many of our members in your class, water aerobics is perfect for you! Some of our classes include Aqua Zumba, Senior Workout and Arthritis Aquatics. Click HERE for a current group exercise schedule or Active Older Adults schedule.



Family Swim

Ages: All

During this unstructured swim time, families can enjoy our facility. Flotation aids other than U. S. Coast Guard approved life vests are not permitted at any time.

See our current pool schedules HERE.